A Note on Privacy

Dear GeoSure Community,

You may have heard about the enactment of the new General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), that goes into effect May 25th 2018.  As a company with a business model built around safety, security and transparency, we could not be more pleased with the new regulatory framework.  Our users’ personal information protection is our highest priority and a key pillar in building ubiquitous safety solutions.

GeoSure made the conscientious decision early on not to collect, track, save, sell or provision our users’ personal information to any Third Party entity.  We have updated our Privacy Policy accordingly to reflect this fact, effective May 25th 2018.  Any and all information users exchange with our suite of tools is at their sole discretion and is used only for the purposes of better reflecting neighborhood-level safety and risk conditions globally, as well as improving the user experience.

It is an exciting time for members of the safety-conscious GeoSure Community!  We look forward to sharing some very positive news for global travelers soon.

Safe Travels,
The GeoSure Team