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The leading geographic information system (GIS) for traveler safety, corporate security applications and community safety initiatives 

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GeoSure is the world’s first hyperlocal Safety and Security Intelligence platform – a GIS Software as a Service scaled over 400,000 locations globally – leveraging the latest Machine Learning and geospatial analysis, combined with customized AI insights for Enterprise Security, Travel Risk Management (TRM) / Duty of Care, Hospitality, Leisure Travel and Real Estate.

Whether you are an enterprise seeking the most customized #newdutyofcare solution, a Product Management team building your own security or travel applications, or communities requiring a holistic SmartSafety™ solution, contact us today or visit our Solutions page to see how we can meet your requirements.

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We power safety innovators and developers across several industries

Deem, the travel management platform within Travelport, introduced their SafetyCheck feature using GeoSure’s data analytics. Now travelers can access digestible, empowering safety protocols at the point of booking.

Travelers access hyper-local safety ratings along any point within their TripIt itinerary for more than 65,000 cities and neighborhoods for both daytime and nighttime. This helps users visualize and gain an understanding of current, hyperlocal safety conditions by location. @TripIt partners with GeoSure, the leading hyperlocal safety data platform, within the Neighborhood Safety Scores feature from TripIt

Navigator, an investigative intelligence company, incorporated GeoSure’s risk analytics into their unified intelligence platform, adding an important facet to a suite of investigative tools they provide to explore and validate threats.

GeoSure supports FINRA’s machine learning toolbox by developing time series, past trends, and predictive analytics. These features create opportunities for targeted insurance underwriting, hedging, and other analytical applications. 

Taking cues from leaders in the real estate industry, Reside is committed to informing, empowering, and engaging their clients with necessary geospatial data.

AIG leverages hyper-local safety data for customers and internal risk analytics

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We founded GeoSure to make the world a safer place for humans to connect - one neighborhood at a time. We believe that everyone has the right to feel safe, wherever life takes them.

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Every person's - and organization's - definition of safety is different. We believe that your software should reflect that, which is why our solutions are tailored to each organization's risk requirements and the end users' personal considerations.

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Our granular, real-time safety analysis is a powerful tool in the hands of city planners, DMOs, and school administrators. Equipped with this intelligence, we can make safer, more prosperous communities possible.

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We used to spend a lot of time creating information pages and providing links to supplier sites so our travelers can find the safety protocols but this puts it (and more!) at the point of booking and makes it so much simpler to digest. It is brilliant!

Rebecca Jeffries
Travel Services Manager, Toyota Motors North America

A world where everyone can explore, thrive, and belong safely - no matter where life takes them

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