The safer your destination or smart city, the stronger your local economy

GeoSure generates and distributes hyper-local safety intelligence. We are here to help.

How it Works

GeoSafeScores™ safety data follows the historic precedent of the US Census. The United States Founding Fathers sought a means by which to measure progress. So they collected and standardized population data, cementing the concept in the US Constitution. 

We have taken a similar approach, with the mission of democratizing citizen safety on a global scale.

Enhanced local safety yields a positive feedback loop of improved destination reputations, greater trust in government institutions, increased tourism, high-growth economies, and expanded access to investment.

Not to mention a higher quality of life.

The only safety experience designed specifically for:

Health & Medical

We empower communities to thrive by delivering real-time health data and medical alerts. Leverage customized insights that help officials plan proactively.


Our commitment to inclusivity drives the development of safety insights tailored to the LGBTQ+ community, empowering travelers to explore any destination with confidence.


Women have unique safety and health considerations when traveling, which is why GeoSure offers personalized safety tips tailored to their unique needs, providing peace of mind throughout their adventures.

I was so impressed with the [GeoSure Platform] that I started promoting it for individual travelers internally within Kearney. GeoSure is the absolute best security product in the market. It’s beyond amazing with the ability to have the individual tailor the information needed based on their individual concerns.

Brenda Khoury
Director of Global Travel at Kearney

Residents as active participants in building stronger, safer, and more resilient communities.

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