Closing global safety gaps for the world's most important companies

Empower your key people to travel the world with our hyper-local safety intelligence.  Keep your team safe.  Keep your business growing.

Integrated Workflow/APIs

GeoSure's integrated workflow and APIs seamlessly incorporate hyper-local safety intelligence into your organization's operations. Whether you're a Global Security Ops team in need of a tailored #newdutyofcare solution or a Product Management team developing your security or travel applications, our platform optimizes security assessments and saves valuable time, enhancing safety posture across your organization.

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GeoSureIS Software (for Desktop)

GeoSureIS Software provides dynamic, customized safety profiles for every neighborhood, anywhere in the world. Tailored to your risk requirements and end users' needs, this solution enables decision-makers to measure security at specific locations, protect personnel and assets, and reduce travel-related Duty of Care/TRM costs. With real-time context and adjustable risk tolerance thresholds, GeoSureIS Software ensures a proactive and responsive approach to safety.

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Award-Winning Mobile Safety Applications

GeoSure's mobile safety applications cater to your end users, empowering them to make informed decisions and stay safe on their journeys. With proprietary features like Daytime/Nighttime Safety™, SafeRefuge™, and real-time updates on global events and local conditions, our apps enhance Duty of Care for organizations while reducing liability.

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GeoSure4Developers Safety Widgets

For organizations seeking to embed safety intelligence into their platforms and applications, GeoSure4Developers Safety Widgets provide a versatile solution. These allow seamless integration of our hyper-local safety data, driving innovation and safety in your applications, whether you're in Travel, Insurance, Fintech, Real Estate, or any industry that requires location-based safety information.

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We have access to every technology and every [risk intelligence] vendor in the world, and nobody approaches our challenges the way [GeoSure] does it, we love it!

Director of Global Security Operations & Business Continuity at one of the world’s leading tech companies