Confidence and Reassurance

Access to real-time safety data at your destination can turn an ordinary trip into an unforgettable adventure.

Personalized Safety for Peace of Mind

When it comes to understanding travel safety and real-time risks at your destination, one size doesn’t fit all.

Whether you're on a work trip or visiting a new country for vacation, our platform provides personalized tips that align with your safety considerations. Our app expresses your relative safety in an easy-to-understand way that matters to you: based on who you are, your perceptions of safety, and your exact location, right down to the time of day.

Travel with Confidence


Our proprietary safety ratings address the specific safety needs of diverse groups, fostering inclusivity and respect for all.

Instant Safety Insights

Our easy-to-use app crowdsources data to provide safety details for your location and time, helping you confidently navigate your surroundings. You can help make destinations and communities safe.

Custom Alerts

Personalize the app to receive safety alerts that match your preferences and needs, amplifying your safety awareness to new levels.

How it Works

We understand that every traveler is unique. 

Everyone’s perception of safety or risk differs based on their diverse identities, backgrounds, life experiences, organizational type, and geographic footprint. 

Our unique mapping approach combines the latest in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and our vetted sources to analyze hundreds of neighborhood variables and characteristics. So we can present you with safety data that is easy to understand, timely, and relevant to you.

Globetrotters Love GeoSure

buffalo miss

Essential tool for safety

I am by no means a high tech guy but I am very concerned about safety for me and my family. Initially, I was skeptical about using the GeoSure system but I found it easy to use and the information it provides is critical to any travel plans or assessing the situation in my current environment. No one should be without this powerful safety tool!


A great app for the times

There is no better time to have this app available to keep my kids informed about where they travel. With two young drivers during a time of tremendous social change, I feel a little better about their travels.


Fascinating and useful travel app

I’ve really enjoyed using this app both when I’m traveling and when I’m planning trips. The app is really nice and easy to use, the scores and their breakdowns are really helpful. I’m a bit of a data nerd so this has been a really engaging app for me to use!


Great to have when traveling

Traveling alone as a female has always been stressful to me, with concerns about personal safety. This app gives me great information to help me with travel decisions without having to search in multiple places. I also really like the health & medical information, and the many other features this app offers.

Lefty struggle

Traveller must have

Such a great idea! Having a sense of safety in cities that I travel to or want to travel to is great. I've used it when booking trips, hotels etc, as well as just exploring while visiting. It really gives a level of comfort knowing how various neighborhoods rate. Ive used this app for a while now, keeps getting better.


Could be a life saver

This is a great app for anyone, whether you travel abroad or just within the US. I love how detailed the neighborhood information is in certain areas. The new interface is very nice. This app just keeps improving. Well done!