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Our safety ratings are specially derived to be relevant to you — on your time, on your turf. Our conviction: Whether on business, for leisure, or schooling, when you’re aware and prepared, traveling is both safer and more enjoyable.

Trusted by countless users in over a hundred countries, GeoSure has developed the most highly scaled, standardized system in the world for easily understanding your personal safety.

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Your location, your profile

Are you a young woman planning a trip to Los Angeles, or maybe Rio de Janeiro? A parent wondering about your kid’s study abroad program in Munich or Barcelona? Looking for a business hotel in Harare?

When it comes to understanding safety and risk, one size doesn’t fit all. GeoSure expresses your relative safety in an easy-to-understand way that matters to you: based on who you are, your perceptions of safety, and your exact location, right down to the time of day.

How we are different

Traditional threat assessment reports are expensive, can take days to complete, often overstate risk because of an orientation toward negative news instead of statistical safety, and generally lack customized relevance for individual travelers. GeoSure enables accurate, continuously updated, personalized assessments.

Free information sources such as web blogs, travel planning guides, and government information are typically general, country-wide or city-wide, and in most cases not timely. Such information can also be subjective and prone to organizational or political judgments, and does not offer GeoSure’s crowd-sourced, customized, and contextualized content.

Using sophisticated algorithms, artificial intelligence, and trusted, globally recognized data sources, GeoSure analyzes hundreds of variables specific to each neighborhood and distills them into customized, remarkably simple-to-understand scores that change depending on your location and time of day.

Local and to the minute

GeoSure incorporates the most accurate safety and security data on the market, with continuously updated ratings for every popular destination and major cities across the globe, right down to individual neighborhoods.

scores that mean

GeoSafeScores™ rate your safety on a scale from 1 to 100. The lower the score (1-20: Very Safe/Cool) up to (41-60: Less Safe/Be Alert), the safer the neighborhood. The higher the score (61-80: Unstable/Warm) and (81-100: Very Dangerous/Hot), the less safe. Continuously measured in over 43,000 locations across the world, covering seven categories:

Women’s Safety - Likelihood of inappropriate behavior against females

Physical Harm - Likelihood of injury due to harmful intent

Theft - Likelihood of theft

Political Freedoms - Potential for infringement of political rights or political unrest

LGBTQ Safety - Likelihood of harm or discrimination against LGBTQ persons or groups and level of caution required at location

Health & Medical - Likelihood of illness or disease, assessment of water and air quality, and access to reliable medical care

Overall Safety - An average of the 6 “sub”-categories above

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